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maximising performance

A wise man will hear and will increase in learning”

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maximising  performance

ensuring change is sustained
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We work to maximise the performance and engagement of:

  • Organisations
  • Teams
  • Individuals


We provide interim programme management, creating sustainable improvements in performance.

We coach, advise and work as interim leaders.  We work to engage and unite teams to deliver change.  Whether it be corporate athletes or athletes in sport, we have a demonstrable record of sustainable change in performance, particularly in the context of rapid and disruptive change. Improvement rather than replacement is key.


On Court was born out of a conviction that coaching in context, combining rigorous programme management with leading edge sports science techniques, delivers sustainable change far more effectively.


We specialise in working with teams and individuals in the context of change, consistently delivering beyond customer expectations.  Proof of this is in what our customers say about us. 


Our approach has consistently resulted in significantly higher levels of engagement and ownership of outcomes.   Clarity of focus and increased energy levels ensure greater productivity.


The clear return on investment is demonstrated by our work with the wealth management arm of a global investment bank, where a programme to establish a new business model had repeatedly failed to deliver.  We worked with the existing team to turn the programme around and deliver to plan and under budget.  Utilising our approach we worked with a geographically dispersed team to clarify their purpose and build engagement in an environment of increasing uncertainty around both the future of the programme and staff redundancies globally.  The same team that had repeatedly failed to meet delivery milestones over the previous 18 months delivered a new business for the bank. The benefits can be summarised as follows:


Productivity - our involvement resulted in a minimum saving, after our costs of $1.38 million, based on the reduction in run rate over nine months this represented a 25% increase in productivity.


Behaviour - almost every problem that can be encountered in a challenging environment had been.  The culture was one of blame, low trust and lack of ownership.  This was completely transformed to one with a cohesive delivery team that worked together to deliver.


Delivery - this was a binary outcome, given the comments prior to our involvement  that this was an initiative that would never deliver the way it was going.  Clearly, despite the on-going challenges the programme delivered and the environment was transformed.

Common areas of engagement include:

  • Setting up new programmes to ensure successful delivery and provide real business value
  • Remediation of large change programmes
  • Working with teams and individuals to deliver outstanding performance, often in the context of uncertainty, where the resulting doubt is a challenge to providing the team with a clear focus
  • Advising on organisational and operating model development


on court performance specialises in working with teams and individuals in the context of change to continually enhance performance


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